About Agmin Chelates

Agmin Chelates Pty Ltd was founded in 1984 and has established its headquarters in Geelong with sales and services offices, laboratory and production facilities on one integrated site.

Agmin Chelates has distributors in all States of Australia and provides technical service support to all locations. Its technical staff comprise professional chemists and agronomists with more than 30 years of combined experience in trace element nutrition for soils and plants.


Agmin Chelates has demonstrated its commitment to quality by designing high-performance products with guaranteed results in increased yield, quality and productivity of plants.

Agmin’s Algicides and Plant Nutrients must pass strict quality control procedures before they are released for despatch. Each batch of product is guaranteed to conform to specifications and efficacy in performance.


Agmin Chelates is constantly striving to improve the efficacy and technology base of its products. The company builds on the latest research published in the fields of plant nutrients and soil science. New products and services are developed regularly to meet market needs by utilising the best available technology from worldwide sources in research and materials manufacture.


Agmin Chelates strives to be the leading supplier of agricultural micronutrient technology. Our services are based on the following customer centred basics:

  • Extensive technical assistance through our laboratory in analysing for plant nutrients.
  • Evaluation of nutrient deficiencies and advice to rectify these.
  • Supply of customer-specific products to satisfy nutrient requirements.
  • Provision of test kits for collection of soil and plant samples for analysis.
  • Efficient distribution system to overcome supply and logistics problems in product delivery.


Agmin Chelates is continuing its pioneering work using the chemical technology of metal chelates to develop innovative products for commercial applications in agriculture and animal nutrition for mineral supplements.

Agmin's Cupricide and Kupramine are potent Algicides for the rural sector as well as Agmin's “Foliar Nutrients” – a range of liquid, chelated nutrients for spray application to leaves in broad acre agriculture and horticulture.