Kupramine Product Information

Kupramine contains a copper chelate which stabilises copper in solution, preventing precipitation of copper hydroxy salts in alkaline, hard water.

Copper sulphate is readily precipitated in these waters, reducing the algicidal effectiveness. Because of the chelate structure in Kupramine, it is rapidly and specifically absorbed by algal cells, which are inactivated within 12 - 24 hours. Copper sulphate does not have this specific mode of activity towards algae, but is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Kupramine adds only 20% of the copper load to the environment, compared to copper sulphate.

Kupramine has been proven to be an effective algicide in rice fields at an application rate of 5 litres per hectare. This rate is very favourable compared to copper sulphate, which has to be applied at the rate of 6-12 kg per hectare, with all the attendant difficulties in application and dissolution.

Based on all of the above considerations and proven field trials in rice fields, it has now been demonstrated that Kupramine is superior in every respect compared to copper sulphate in treating algae and snails.

General Application Rates

As per APVMA registered label. Please review SDS before usage.


110 g/L Copper present as mixed Copper-Ethanolamine Complexes.

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